Protecting Equity Portfolios

To reduce the risks associated with our clients‘ portfolios, we use a number of risk management tools. To name a few: Foreign Exchange forward contracts to reduce or neutralize currency risks, put options to protect equity portfolios and Treasury or Bund futures to reduce the interest rate risk of bond portfolios.
Our risk management analysis controls the volatility of our clients’ portfolios and mitigates tail risks. This includes VaR (Value at Risk) analysis, volatility calculations and comparisons, correlation analysis and scenario simulations.
We measure a portfolio’s performance both in absolute and in relative terms. This allows our clients to assess the effectiveness of their investment strategy and evaluate overall performance. To do this, we create benchmarks for each individual risk profile utilizing recognized indices in the industry in order to replicate the investment universe for each asset class and sub-asset class.
The end result is that our clients are in full control of their portfolio.