Thinking outside the box in an ever-changing environment

Business Principles & Values

Dedication and Stability

The company founders are majority shareholders and active in day-to-day operations. This means they are passionate about what they do and fully committed for the long term.

Innovation and Flexibility

We move at the speed of global financial markets, thinking outside-the-box and making sure that change yields benefits for our clients.

Preservation of Capital

Preservation of capital is our number one priority to enable a consistent appreciation of the funds entrusted to us through compounded returns.

Confidentiality and Transparency

Our clients can expect the highest level of confidentiality as well as full transparency in all aspects of our conduct.

Independence and Accountability

Nevastar is an independent, private company. There are no conflicts of interest. All aspects of our operations are authorized and regulated by relevant governments or associations.

Value Relationships

Our business is our people. We care a lot about all our relationships because good business stands on solid relationships. Thus, we value very highly all the relations we have with our staff, our clients and our third parties at all times as they shape our profile as firm and they underpin our success.


Our biggest asset is our reputation. Our focus is our clients. We ensure that all of our employees uphold this principle with absolute integrity.